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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Amazing what you find in the bottom of a box...

I have a bit of a space issuse (putting it mildy!!) and I have boxes everywhere full of beads, findings and pretty much anything else you can think of, anyway, was having a rummage through one looking for some elastic thread for a bracelet...which I still haven't found of course, no idea what I've done with it so looks like I'll have to order some more!...but I found this copper chain mail bracelet that I made a few months ago. I made it using 6mm copper rings in a tryzantine pattern, it's a lovely looking chain and makes the bracelet almost square, I really want to make a Sterling silver one for myself when I have the cash to spare!!

I haven't really had the time to do any chain mail for a while but I think I may have to get the jump rings out again, not quite sure what I'm going to make yet so will just have to see what happens...some of my favourite pieces have been made that way!!


  1. I love chain mail. This is lovely :) I keep thinking I should make myself one, but I have plenty of other things to keep me busy!!

  2. I always say I'm going to make things for myself but I never get round to it...or someone else (usually my mum or sister) decide they really, really like it and it ends up with a new home!!