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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What have I let myself in for!!

I had the bright idea today to offer even more help for my friends wedding in September...because I have so much spare time on my hands at the minute!! I've already made a tiara each for her and her youngest daughter, will be making another for her older daughter once we've decided on a style, and I made a butterfly to go on a headband for her stepdaughter to be...

After my extremely generous offer today I'm now also making the table decorations and sorting out the wedding favours and place cards...I should have been a wedding planner!! I'm not complaining though it's nice that she thinks enough of my crafting ability to trust me to be so involved.

On top of all this I set myself up a folksy shop yesterday...I'm feeling very organised this week didn't realise how much I've done and it's only Tuesday. I have loads of work to do on there, at the minute there are only 2 items in my shop but I've decided I need to re-take some of my photographs and I want to take them in daylight so unfortunately that means waiting until the weekend...although I am getting tempted to see if I can book a days holiday on Friday so I don't have to wait quite so long!!!

Oh well, suppose I'd best stop writing about what I need to do and get on with it, I have a few ideas for the table decorations just need to see which ones works best in the budget I have...can see a few nights trawling the internet coming up!!


  1. That butterfly is really beautiful :)

  2. was rather time consuming but I'm really pleased with how it came out :)

  3. The Tiara's are stunning and I am sure they will appreciate them :-) Good Luck with the Folksy shop too :-) All these outlets to keep you tied to the computer all day !