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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Really need to win the lottery...

I've finally found somewhere that not only offers an affordable Silversmithing course that's not too far to travel but offers courses on a Saturday and Sunday and has spaces available as early as March!! I'm so excited, got to wait until Friday to see if I can afford to book it or if I have to wait until next month but as it's my birthday in April I've already started on getting an early birthday present!! They do all kinds of jewellery making related courses and I've seen about 15 that I want to have a go at, most are just 1 day and the longest is 3 days so I should be able to fit them in, just got to find the money to do them all, going to be an interesting year for me I think :)


  1. Get your family to buy you a lottery ticket each for your birthday !

    Good luck though - look forward to hearing how you get on :-)

  2. OoO good luck with the course, I had a go at silversmithing a few years ago and it was great fun.