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Sunday, 20 February 2011

A very productive weekend so far

For once I seem to have got huge amounts done over the weekend, and with a few hours to go still!! I went to a fitness class yesterday morning and ended up talking about my jewellery making and it looks like I've sold a fascinator and a jewellery party...nothing confirmed yet but I'm still excited...and I managed to get two new pieces made in the afternoon plus re-take a lot of my photographs as the lighting was terrible. Oh, I started on a new tiara too!!

So far today I've added 6 or 7 items to my Folksy shop I'm still very new to Folksy and really need to do some work on my shop but I have no idea where to start so I keep putting it off...any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!! I've also updated my facebook business page and put some washing on so I think I'm going to reward myself this afternoon with making some more jewellery as I have a few ideas forming at the minute, just need to decide which one I want to start with...should probably finish the tiara I started suppose but it jut doesn't feel right to only have one piece on the go!!s

My helpers are of absolutely no use to me today (probably why I've got so much done!), they are firm believers that Sunday is a day of rest....

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