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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Finally back :)

Well where to start? I won't go into all the details or I'll be here all day writing this and anyone attemtping to read it would be asleep before the halfway point! Basically between the part time job I started a while ago and a very bad eye infection which at one point had my thinking I was going to be blind in one eye permanently, very scary at the time but thankfully on the mend now, I've done almost no crafting since my last blog back in February...for the last few weeks my eye was that bad that I couldn't look at a computer screen for more than 30 seconds without being in agony so couldn't even keep up to date with things on the forum...I thankfully just about managed to hang on to my sanity somehow and I can finally start putting some of my ideas into practice!!

I picked up the pliers last week and went a bit chainmail mad, my hands are suffering for it now but it felt so good to get a few pieces made up. I've been trying to wait for a nice bright day to take the pictures in the garden but mother nature obvisouly has other ideas as it's been miserable here since Sunday and I had to resort to taking them indoors, they're not great but they'll do until I can get some better light to re-take them...knowing my luck that will be next week when I go back to work (which I'm surprisingly looking forward to, although not quite so much now I can make things again!)

Off to update the website and Folksy shop now, got a business plan to re-write as well but I think that will be getting put off for another day, maybe even two!!



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