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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rings, re-organising, giveaway and donation!

I've got a lot to write about this time, I haven't stopped in the last few days!! I had a moment of inspiration on Thursday and decided to make a chainmaille ring...I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, or even if I'd be able to get it finished without getting annoyed and giving up but I'm really pleased with pleased I made another one on Friday!

The second one is more intricate and was definitely more diffcult to join together! I've ordered some smaller silver and aluminium jump rings so I can try out some new designs, just got to think of something else to do in the mean time :)

I had a very productive day yesterday, after seeing comments on one of the forums I'm on about how people store their jump rings I remembered I had some test tube style pots I'd acquired from somewhere so I dug them out and I can finally see what I've got...well some of it anyway I need to order some more!

Got another exciting week coming up, the giveaway finishes tomorrow and I can't to pick the winner and see what they choose for a prize!! I've donated a bracelet today to be auctioned off for Chelsea's Angels, a charity that supports children diagnosed with rare cancers and their families, visit their Facebook page Chelsea's Angels to find out more about the work they do. The auction is running until 12pm, 29th January, I've added a link to the auction here


  1. I'm jealous of your shiney stash. Mine is empty :( Great idea for storing jump rings though.

  2. It's actually quite a small stash at the minute, just looks a lot bigger all laid out like this!!