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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First day back to reality...

Well the first day back at the full time job is over and done with, getting up this morning was not at all fun, especially after being kept up half the night because of the noisy weather, and it feels like I've never been away! I kept thinking about all of the crafty things I could have been doing instead of sitting in front of a computer...but of course now I'm home instead of doing any of those crafty things I'm sat in front of a computer!!
 I did manage to sneak onto one of the forums at lunch time and post about my Facebook giveaway...I'm trying to hit 200 'likes' by the 16th January, I'm at 182 so far so I'm pretty hopeful I'll get there and when I do one lucky fan will get to pick a prize up to the value of £15, if I manage to make it to 250 I'll be even more generous and make it £20 :)
 I've also set up a deal through the shop on the page that everyone who likes it automatically gets 20% discount, and everything is set at free postage - if I'm honest though that's mainly because I can't be bothered to weigh everything to set the charges up properly, it takes me long enough as it is to keep everything online up to date as I don't like making the same thing over and over again!!
 Oh well, I'm going to be good and make at least one thing tonight, I've got a few events in the pipeline and possibly one big one this summer so I'm going to try and get ahead of myself now so I don't have a big panic in the last few weeks to make lots of stock...wish me luck!!

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